PRIP Opens State-Of-The-Art Car Wash In Boca Raton

Petroleum Realty (PRIP) welcomes customers back to a new generation gas station, car wash and convenience store on Palmetto Park Road.

After eight long hard months of total demolition followed by new construction, PRIP is welcoming customers back to serve them in our brand-new gas station and convenience store, plus a super-fast, best-in-class new Cool Clean Car Wash. Originally built in the 1970’s on the North side of Palmetto Park Road, just east of I-95, the all new glass, steel and concrete structure incorporates the best in new technology from fast delivery gas pumps with video screens, a new convenience store with fresh made items and espresso bar, and a window on to our Cool Clean Car Wash that gets cars through in record time. With both Express and Full-service lanes, Cool Clean Car Wash gives customers multiple options to get their cars cleaned by the latest technological advances in the industry.

“We are incredibly excited to welcome back our customers and invite new friends to get a car wash, buy gas, and sample our convenience store offerings,” said Founder, Stephen H. Bittel.  “Our Cool Clean Car Wash utilizes the best and newest car wash technology and our pumps are the fastest around.  Our customers can look forward to a great new experience with us.”